Why See A Clinical Psychologist?

The thought of seeing a psychologist is daunting to many people because they may worry about what others around them will think, or that they may feel “weak” if they have to ask for help. But you may like to ask yourself this: is it easier to put up with the thoughts and feelings that make you unhappy or uncomfortable?

What if you did not have to continue feeling that your world is spinning out of control? Imagine what your life would be like if:

You had things to look forward to and enjoyed spending time with your friends and family again?
You were more productive at work?
You didn’t start every sentence in your mind with “But what if…..”(Something catastrophic happens)?
You could stop worrying about work, the children, your wife/husband, your family’s safety?
You no longer constantly felt that something bad was going to happen?
You didn’t experience overwhelming sadness, anxiety or panic on a daily basis?
You could sleep for more than a few hours at a time?
You were optimistic about your future?

How would things change if you could experience the above? Dr Crawford & Associates are a Clinical Psychology service with extensive education in assessing, diagnosing and treating a variety of mental health conditions. Our professionals possess Doctorate qualifications, 7 years of full time study and ongoing professional development.

So, if you are tired of how you’ve been feeling and are ready for a change, take control of your life and call Dr Crawford & Associates. We guarantee we will see you within 48 hours.

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