What To Expect

The psychologists at Dr Crawford & Associates understand that the thought of seeing a psychologist can be extremely anxiety provoking for some people. The biggest fear is not knowing what to expect which is usually the reason many people put off making the initial appointment. The psychologists at Dr Crawford & Associates are highly skilled in creating a relaxed and comfortable environment so that you feel more confident in sharing your concerns.

Every session is of 50 minutes duration. In your first session, your psychologist will guide you through your concern by asking you many questions. This session is more about gathering information to get to know you and to better understand your concern. The information you provide assists in selecting an effective treatment approach. At the end of the initial session your therapist will propose a treatment plan option and the expected number of sessions you will require.

You will be expected to attend weekly or fortnightly sessions with your therapist and complete homework assignments to facilitate the positive change you are seeking. Therapy sessions take a collaborative approach, so it is important that you complete any homework activity set by your therapist and attend regular scheduled appointments. Not completing homework activities and missed appointments can hinder your progress. Please be assured that your therapist will be respectful, empathetic and open-minded.

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