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Are you experiencing any of the following?

Trouble Sleeping
Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
Upset and teary
Depressed mood
Loss of interest or pleasure


Sweatiness in the absence of physical exertion
Heart palpitations
Hot flushes
Feeling faint
Trembling hands or legs


Intense and persistent fear of having a panic attack while out of the house
Avoid crowded places such as shopping malls or cinemas
Require the presence of a companion when going out
Experience severe stress and anxiety when necessity forces visits to places you prefer to avoid


You worry continually about both minor and major problems, events and situations
You have trouble controlling your worries
Your worry keeps you awake
Feeling of doom and dread


Tense muscles (jaw, shoulders)
Skipped heartbeats
Dry mouth. difficulty swallowing
Rapid or shallow breathing
Short temper
Difficulty sleeping


You have experienced a loss of something or someone significant
You are feeling overwhelmed
You have withdrawn from people
You are unable to experience pleasure from previously enjoyable activities
You feel you may have started drinking too much alcohol