Signs and Symptoms of depression in men

Male-type depression has a number of signs and symptoms. While depression can be expressed differently in each man, three of the more common signs are pain, risk taking, and anger.


Depression may manifest as physical symptoms like backache, constant headaches, stomach problems, or other unexplained pain, possibly not responding to normal treatment.

Risk Taking

Sometimes depressed men will start taking risks, eg. dangerous sports, compulsive gambling, reckless driving, or casual unprotected sex.


Anger can show itself in different ways; road rage, short temper, easily upset by criticism, or even violence.

Below are some other common signs of depression (especially if they are prolonged):

Feeling guilty, worthless, or that you always fail
Feeling restless and/or irritable
No energy
Problems sleeping (not sleeping or sleeping too much)
Feeling angry or violent
Feeling like you can’t work or get things done
Using alcohol or drugs to feel better
Sexual inability
Losing interest in hobbies, work, and/or sex
Problems focusing, remembering, or making choices
Missing work or appointments
Not caring about anything or feeling “blank”
Always feeling sad or nervous
Changes in appetite and/or weight
Working more than normal
Being negative about everything
Thinking about death or suicide

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